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Product Description

Masterfully crafted from unrefined, pure hemp with no added chalk or dyes!
    RAW Organic Hemp Papers are made using a special pure water method that naturally results a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean.
    RAW Organic Hemp Paper is hands-down the world’s best organic hemp rolling paper!
    RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim is for those of us that like bigger smokes.
    It’s 110mm long and about the same height as a 1¼ paper.
    RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim is absolutely perfect because it rolls a nice long smoke yet doesn’t have too much leftover paper width like older king sizes.
    32 leaves per pack

          3 x RAW Original Tips

    RAW Original Tips are meticulously crafted from naturally unrefined long fibers using an original type Fourdrinier paper machine.
    RAW Original Tips roll up smooth and have enough structural integrity to maintain their shape and rigidity even when wet.
    50 tips per booklet.

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5 RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers And 3 Raw Tips

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